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3 Ways to Make Your Big Day Stand Out

3 Ways to Make Your Big Day Stand Out

With wedding season now in full swing, it can be easy to get lost in a bevy of invitations and to begin to see the same sorts of decor items at every event.

By the time you’re ready to plan your own big day, you’re probably searching for the vendors, venue, and decor that help you show off your personal style and what makes you, you!

And here at SHOUT! That’s our specialty.

We believe every couple should feel excited for the experience they create on their big day.

So, this month we’re sharing three ways to make your big day stand out featuring our signature stand-alone wall signage and other personalized acrylic favorites.

From monogrammed signs to gorgeous seating chart walls and even stunning personalized menus, we’ve curated a set of items that offer you and your guests something truly unique.

Whether you opt for something on-trend or timeless, we’ve got you covered.

We hope the things we share today will inspire you with new ways to create lasting memories that are all your own!

But before we get started…

Have You Heard?

SHOUT! Is Coming to a City Near You!

We’re bringing personalized acrylic wedding signage to even more locations across the country, including Austin, Texas; Baltimore, Maryland; Boston, Massachusetts; Charlotte, North Carolina; Dallas, Texas; Las Vegas, Nevada; Orlando, Florida; San Antonio, Texas; Washington, DC; and Los Angeles, California.

And there are more locations (and an expanded catalog) to come, so stay tuned!

Welcome Signs That Set the Tone

Looking for a way to make your ceremony even more special? Custom acrylic welcome signs are just the thing.

You can customize your welcome sign with your wedding colors or opt for a petite and eye-catching mirror style. And these signs can help your event run more smoothly by sharing last-minute guidelines (like “no cameras” or “sit where you please”) so your guests know what to expect.

The right custom sign can also allow you to save a special place for a guest of honor who’s no longer with us or to make sure that certain rows are reserved for those in the ceremony.

And you can add them to your reception venue to brand your event consistently from start to finish!

Welcome signs are a gorgeous way to add to your ceremony atmosphere, and we can help you design one (or a few) that create just the tone for the start of your happily ever after.

Chic Seating Charts That Turn Heads

When you opt for a stunning acrylic seating chart, you’re saying goodbye to those typical business-card-sized folded name cards you’ve seen at countless weddings and corporate events. And, you’re also creating a show-stopping photo opportunity for your guests in the process.

Our custom stand-alone walls for seating charts fit any venue from trendy to upscale to elegant. And whether you’re going with a boho chic barn wedding or an industrial city warehouse venue, we’re here to personalize your seating chart perfectly.

And we’ll deliver your wall right to your venue. There’s no need to stress and no effortful set up required on your part. This ensures there’s no interruption to your event’s flow and all you have to do is enjoy your wedding day!

Honestly, the only challenge you’ll have is getting guests to move along once they’ve found their table on your gorgeous wall!


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Personalized Acrylic Pieces That Become Wedding Keepsakes

While the flowers will wilt and the other decor may have an unmistakable “just for the wedding” feeling, there are some wedding day pieces that you can enjoy as reminders of memories for years to come.

Whether it’s a gorgeous custom menu that captures your style, a program for your ceremony that’s too gorgeous not to save, a custom monogram of your new initials, or a sign donning your new last name, these items are a great way to celebrate your new start. You can even customize a sign that celebrates the date that you start your life together.

No matter what you choose, we’ll create something unforgettable for your big day. And because we love gorgeous keepsakes, these personalized acrylic pieces will look just as good hanging in your living room or bedroom as they do adorning your ceremony or reception space.

Set Your Wedding Apart from the Rest with SHOUT!

Ready to make your big day truly memorable? We can help!

Contact us at to get started!

And check out our ETSY SHOP, the perfect place for the DIY couple and event planners who want to wow their clients!

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