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Boost Sales by Turning Your Fleet into a Mobile Marketing Medium

There’s not much in this world that screams professionalism more than a whole fleet of matching vehicles leaving together for a day’s work. It’s an important part of any business marketing strategy as vehicles, whether they are vans, trucks or company cars, are also mobile marketing mediums that can take your company’s logo and brand with them wherever they go! With plenty of people out and about during the summer, it’s the perfect time to flaunt your businesses brand out in public for all to see! At SHOUT!, we specialize in vehicle wraps that make your company, product or service larger than life. Here is a snapshot of what we can do for your business!

Uniformity that screams quality

Having a uniform fleet that accentuates your company’s brand, colors, and logo impacts massively on its reputation. This is true whether it’s a large or small scale business, as customers want to be sure that they’re buying into a brand that is well organized and stable. By investing in vehicle wraps for your fleet, you’ll be making a huge statement about your business which will lead to an increase in potential customers.

Maximizing marketing opportunities

In surveys conducted on the effectiveness of marketing mediums, 96% said that vehicle graphics had a higher impact than billboards, and 98% said that they create a positive image for companies. These statistics cannot be ignored, and if you don’t get your whole fleet wrapped to promote your business’s service, you’re literally throwing away huge amounts of potential sales! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to maximize the visibility of your service this summer!

Creating a meaningful connection

The best, most successful and long-lasting brands are ones that create a meaningful connection with the public. Brands that are viewed as serving the public often become household names, and the visibility of a fleet decorated in matching vehicle wraps is the best way to do this. By increasing your businesses visibility, the great service that you offer will likely last in the minds of the public due to their association with your brand and quality service. Vehicle wraps serve this vital purpose, making your business an integral part of the local community.

SHOUT! offers a full range of vehicle wraps. This means anything from whole trucks, buses or service vehicles, to trailers, food concession stands, and even motorbike wraps. This endless array of possibilities gives you the flexibility to make vehicle wraps work for your business, maximizing the impact and putting you ahead of the rest. By bring your brand to the streets, you’ll be taking advantage of the opportunity to make a meaningful connection and become an instantly recognizable company. This will maximize sales and secure your business as a top provider for the public, fortifying your business as a top supplier, getting you ahead of the competition!

And now there’s no better time to order with SHOUT! as for the month of July we will apply a 15% discount for any print order and during August we will beat any print quote by 10%, just make sure you quote promo code LOUD when ordering. So, ensure you take advantage of this massive opportunity to kit out your fleet with a new look!


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