Speeding Up During The Summer Slowdown: Act Early To Maximize Your Success In The 4th Quarter!

The summer slowdown brings with it many temptations that can cause your marketing drive in the 4th quarter to be rushed and unable to reach its full potential. The truth is, that having a truly successful marketing campaign in the 4th quarter relies on detailed planning and starting early, and there’s no better time to do this than in the slower months of August and September! Obviously, most businesses run at a slower pace during these months due to the number of employees that take their much-earned vacation time, but this doesn’t mean you need to wait until they’re all back before you start thinking about the 4th quarter! By starting early, you’ll generate more competitive pricing from vendors who provide marketing collateral which will reduce costs in the long run, give you ample time to plan and re-plan if necessary, and most importantly – be well placed to outcompete your main competitors and therefore maximize the likelihood of success in the vital 4th quarter!

Here are the key reasons as to why starting your 4th quarter marketing campaign in August will give you the best opportunity to smash the competition when crunch time finally arrives!

Make the most of vendors’ summer deals!

Most vendors also experience a slowdown in the summer due to the slowdown in their clients’ sales drive. In order to keep production moving and the flow of products consistent, vendors offer great summer deals when demand is low, meaning there’s an opportunity there for your business to exploit! By getting the plan for the 4th quarter started during August, you’re likely to catch some of those great summer deals from vendors which will leave you with more cash from your budget to redirect to other vital areas, or even make some all-important cost savings!

Time is of the essence

In the world of business, time is one of the most valuable commodities, and it always seems like there’s a shortage of it! How many times have you experienced that feeling of being rushed and that deadlines are suddenly upon you?! And it’s likely that each time this happens you think, “next year I’ll start this earlier to avoid the stress”. Well, now is the opportunity to do exactly that! Getting started on your preparations for the 4th quarter in August will give you the time you need to float creative ideas that you otherwise wouldn’t have the time for, and it also gives you that extra breathing space if any last minute hiccups happen or changes are needed!

Getting ahead of the competition before the competition even starts!

A good rule of thumb is to assume that your competitors are doing everything possible to gain an advantage in the market, including implementing the tactics mentioned above. However, if they aren’t as organized as you in the summer months, you’ll definitely reap the rewards come the 4th quarter as they will likely be rushing to finish their marketing campaign on time. It’s likely this will cause them to make mistakes, miss deadlines, and incur additional costs – all of which will benefit your company’s position in the market!

For most lines of business, the 4th quarter is the most important business quarter of the year, with the Christmas period being the Holy Grail that most businesses strive to exploit. By getting your 4th quarter marketing strategy planned and implemented early, you’re likely to reap the rewards by the time Christmas comes around.

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