baby shower lawn signsbaby shower lawn signs

Lawn Signs Are the New Black

Social distancing has forced people across the United States to evaluate how we acknowledge and celebrate events in our lives. What was once a cause for a raucous gathering is now cause for driving by someone’s house and waving.

As people have gotten creative with commemorating milestones, the lawn sign business has experienced a renaissance. Here are some unique ways people are spreading cheer without spreading germs.


birthday lawn sign

If you hear honking and hollering down the street, you may be hearing a COVID-era birthday party taking place. Decorating your front yard, sitting outside on your front porch with your COVID pod, and waving at well-wishers as they drive along has become the safe way to celebrate. 

And a big part of those decorations? Lawn signs. Use them creatively. Spell out a whole message with individual letters, create a fun and thematic scene for a kid’s birthday, or simply go with a big, classic “Happy Birthday!”

Baby showers and gender reveals

gender reveal lawn sign

Gender reveals may have generated some bad news in California, but they’re still a popular event for expecting parents. Make your “It’s a…” announcement safe for everyone involved by using lawn signs to get your family excited about your new edition.

And while baby showers are still a must-plan event for parents, COVID has forced these events outside and spread people apart. Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t be festive. Lawn signs can add joy to your event, even if you’re sticking with a socially distanced drive-by party.

School, Student and Teacher Support, and Graduations

Yes, we just started a new school year, but school is definitely a topic on everyone’s mind right now. Students across the country are facing a difficult year of remote or hybrid learning, and generally disrupted schedules. Without a doubt, they can use some encouragement. 

Lawn signs can be a great way to show your support for your own student, for the teachers in your community, or for schools in general. Motivate them through signs with school colors, mascots, and chants, or just say “Good job!” and “Thanks!”

And even though it seems like a million years away, when spring rolls around, don’t be shy with the lawn signs for graduation. Even if your student is just moving on to the next grade, they’ve earned that “Congrats Grad!”

Sports season

While much of our normal entertainment and recreational activities are disrupted, both college and professional sports seasons are currently taking place. So even if you’re just slightly fanatical about the Big 12 conference, why not really lean into it this year and make a big deal about your favorite teams? After all, with sports bars and pubs a risky bet for game watching, lawn signs might be the best way to get your Rock-Chalk-Jayhawk or Fight-Raiders-Fight spirit going this year. 

Community support

essential workers lawn signLots of people in our communities put their lives on the line every day to help others. First responders, medical professionals, military members — they dedicate themselves to creating a better, safer world for us all. Sharing your appreciation for their contributions can be a meaningful way to create a supportive community. 

Looking for more ideas on how to use lawn signs at your home? Contact our team at SHOUT. We’d love to chat with you. 


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