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From Run of the Mill to Flying at the Top Using New Printed Technology & Direct Mail Techniques to Boost Your Business’s Visibility in this Tough Climate

The world has become a tough place for brand and marketing departments of commercial businesses. Gone are the days when a few billboard and brochure campaigns would make your business the number one in the market. Nowadays, whole teams are employed to maximize the visibility of commercial businesses, and even then that’s often not enough for them to make the cut! So, how can YOUR business ensure it hits all the marketing goals required to compete? By utilizing the often overlooked power of new printed technology is how! And we’re going to tell you exactly why this will change your business from run of the mill to flying at the top!

Print and direct mail is not dead

We live in a world that is being taken over by digitalization and we focus more and more on online medium and less on printed promotion.  There are benefits that are still efficient when it comes to print products versus digital promotion. Using Direct Mail and Print has increased reader’s attention, targeted communication to a specific type of person using local demographics.  Having a tangible direct mail piece printed and delivered offers a customized experience for the senses that web or online medium cannot replicate. Print is also very reliable, Generations X and Y and baby boomers sometime show more brand loyalty to print and direct mail promotion.  Together with Digital Marketing, Print and Direct mail will offer you the most success marketing your brand and business.

Increase your visibility

SEO, Social Media Marketing, and online traffic dominate the focus for marketing departments, with new and exciting platforms popping up left, right and center, but this has led many businesses to ignore what is right in front of their eyes, and that’s the REAL WORLD! Focusing on increasing your visibility in everyday places like popular shopping districts, busy public recreational areas and at iconic landmarks will massively increase the visibility of your company’s brand and link it with the affluence and experience potential customers associate with where it’s placed.

Get creative and interactive!

One of the downsides of online marketing channels is its lack of physical interaction. This puts a limit on how creative your marketing strategy can be, therefore limiting the depth with which your marketing campaign can reach. A creative, interactive and inspiring use of print design material brings your company out of cyberspace and demonstrates how innovative it can be. This may be the use of wall wraps on the outside of an iconic building, making your brand visible and integrating it with the cityscape, or a creative fully wrapped vehicle that displays your brand, making physical print technology a mobile marketing wonder!

Staying loyal

It’s all very well implementing new technologies in printed graphic design, but how does it really help to boost your brand’s identity and recognisability? Well, integrating your brand and design into the cityscape and using an iconic outside space as a backdrop to frame your brand’s logo makes potential customers identify with your brand in a place they hold dear to their heart, such as their home, a holiday destination, or an iconic place they idealize. This instantly helps reaffirm customer’s association with your brand as homely and iconic, leading to increased customer traffic and hopefully increased sales!

Developments in printed technology are moving at a faster pace than ever before in order to keep up with the massive influence of online advertising. This means new, innovative techniques are available on the market, making it a great way to put your business ahead of the rest! At SHOUT!, we use the latest in print media technology to provide our customers with a wide range of exciting and inspiring options for their printed media marketing campaigns, giving them the freedom to express their creativity and make their business stand out! Call us today and talk with one of our dedicated team members to find out how we can make your business thrive in this tough and competitive environment.

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